Fishburne drinks Water

Last year we passed along news that Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson would be reteaming on the movie BLACK WATER TRANSIT. We learn today that Jackson and Willis weren't reteaming, Jackson was replacing Willis in the film. We also learn today that Jackson now too has dropped out and he has been replaced by Laurence Fishburne. He will star alongside Brittany Snow and Karl Urban in the film about a father who looks to get his junkie son out of prison and the trouble he gets in orchestrating that deal. Also gone from the Sam Jackson version is director Samuel Bayer who has been replaced by Tony Kaye. Tony Kaye?! Wasn't he all but run out of Hollywood after the AMERICAN HISTORY X fiasco? Yeah, but he's back and being contrite so he got himself a new gig. Filming is scheduled to begin this week so if you're looking for a new Willis/Jackson team-up you better hope there's a Zeus cameo in LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD.

Extra Tidbit: Vin Diesel was also attached at one point to replace Willis in the film.
Source: Variety



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