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Five for Kaufman

Jan. 11, 2007by: Omar Aviles

Michelle Williams Last August we told you about Philip Seymour Hoffman signing on to star in uber-reality distorting scribe Charlie Kaufman's directorial debut SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK. Today, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed as much as well as added that Catherine Keener, Michelle Williams, Samantha Morton and Tilda Swinton may also be joining The Hoffster in this sure-to-be wild ride. In the film, Hoffman will play a theater director who intends to mount an ambitious play involving the construction of a life-size replica of New York inside a warehouse, in between having to contend with an array of women including his first wife (Keener), his second wife (Williams), his sometime lover (Morton) and his daughter's "dubious" mentor (Swinton). As with all Kaufman-scripted films, however, it's nowhere near that simple. As the name of the film (a word meaning to use a part to describe a whole or vice versa) and this thorough blow-job the script received from the LA Times suggests, there are layers within layers within layers of reality distortion and questioning in this film that are enough to quite literally make someone's head explode or in the LA Times' case, blow an incredibly satisfying orgasmic load.

Extra Tidbit: Kaufman was once a writer on the short-lived Debra Messing and Thomas Hayden Church-starring sitcom "Ned and Stacey".


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10:50PM on 01/11/2007
Kaufman amazes me with his writing, now I hope he amazes me with his directing.
Kaufman amazes me with his writing, now I hope he amazes me with his directing.
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Latest Movie News Headlines

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