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Five TDK viral sites


The Dark Knight There's been surprisingly little movement on THE DARK KNIGHT front in the last few weeks - a development that's surely left some passionate fans convulsing with the black shakes. Fear not, though, as today no less than five brand-spanking new viral sites for the film have popped up. For the purpose of my convenience, I'll just list them as so:

The Gotham Times
We Are The Answer
Remembering Gina
The Ha Ha Times
Gotham National Bank

As you may have noticed, there's a Joker site in there, which is actually a sub-site of the "Gotham Times", the story of which, again for the purpose of my convenience you can find HERE. THE DARK KNIGHT faces off against the Clown Prince of Crime on July 18th. Thanks to Hegele and Paul for the heads up!

Extra Tidbit: If you got the "black shakes" reference then you and I should be friends.
Source: Warner Bros.



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