Fool's Gold trailer

Call me crazy, but the new trailer for FOOL’s GOLD is pretty darn good. You can’t deny the appeal Kate Hudson’s cuteness (body), Matthew McConaughey’s charm (body), and the Police classic ‘Message in a Bottle’, which is put to nice use here. I few days ago I showed you the poster which featured Hudson in a bikini. Unfortunately, there’s no such luck in this clip, but I’d say it’s still worth checking out. There’s something oddly quirky about this trailer. Call me crazy (shit, I said that already) but I’d even go as far as saying there’s a *gulp* edge to it. Yeah, you heard me. The trailer for a Kate Hudson/Matthew McConaughey romantic comedy adventure from the guy who made HITCH, is edgy. And I’m not crazy. See for yourself HERE.
Extra Tidbit: Okay, maybe it's not "edgy" but it doesn't look terrible, right? Man. I really need to learn to stick to an opinion, instead of using the 'Extra Tidbit' as a last chance to cop out. Pathetic.
Source: AOLCinematical



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