Force/Arkham trailers

Alright, more stuff from Spike's VGAs. These two trailers are for actual games rather than movies based on games, but they’re far more interesting than the PRINCE OF PERSIA spot from a bit ago. They’re anticapted sequels to two excellent games, games that in my opinion should most definitely be turned into movies at some point.

First up we have a teaser trailer for ARKHAM ASYLUM II, which seems a bit premature. It doesn’t show much, except the streets of Gotham in chaos under rule of the Joker, but the tagline “Arkham has moved” makes me a bit curious.

Next we have THE FORCE UNLEASHED II, a sequel to a game that I thought was much better written than the entire new trilogy. It’s like “Shadows of the Empire” for a new generation. The gameplay was the aspect that was a bit lacking for me, but hopefully those issues will be worked out in the new game.

The trailer showcases an arena fight between Starkiller and a giant Rancor-eating space gorilla, and he now has two BLUE lightsabers. Read into that how you will.

Extra Tidbit: How come the Force is so limited in the movies whereas Starkiller can do all sorts of badass stuff with it? I don't understand the self-imposed restriction there.



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