Ford finds a cure

Harrison Ford has signed on to star in the upcoming true drama CROWLEY for CBS Films. Despite being produced by CBS, the film is not a made-for-TV but is set up at Sony and will be released theatrically. Based on the book "The Cure" by Geeta Anand, the film will star Ford as a researcher who works with two parents (John and Aileen Crowley, hence the title of the film) to help cure their children of a rare genetic disorder. CROWLEY should not be confused with occultist and heavy metal influence Aleister Crowley but still may hold the title for worst titled movie ever (take that HANCOCK!). So Harrison Ford starring in an adaptation of a highly regarded book from the producers of ERIN BROCKOVICH and from the director of...WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS? Tom Vaughan is in negotiations to direct the film, which immediately gives me pause (could there have been anything more annoying than WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS?). Despite that, could this finally be the film that gets Harrison Ford an Oscar (who was only nominated once in 1985 and has never won)?

Extra Tidbit: Ford has never even won Best Actor Golden Globe.
Source: Variety



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