Forrest runs again?

Forrest Gump Paramount tried to get a FORREST GUMP sequel off the ground when the first one raked in gobbles of cash and established Tom Hanks as a bonafide international superstar. They even convinced original sribe Eric Roth to pen the script, which was based on the sequel novel "Gump & Co." written by original novel author Winston Groom (FORREST GUMP was based on Groom's novel of the same name). However, rights issues had seemingly resigned the film to a permanent resting place in development hell. Josh over at Cinema Blend has gotten word, though, from an "absolutely reliable" source that they've resolved the rights issues, Roth's script has been resurrected and Paramount is indeed looking to give us another world-changing adventure from the lovably dense shrimp boat captain. Of course, they still have to convince Tom Hanks to reprise the role. He may not be too keen to slap on the checkered shirt and tight pants once again. Read CB's report HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Two of the many historical events in which Forrest once again inadvertently becomes involved in the sequel are the Exxon Valdez oil spill and the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Source: Cinema Blend



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