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Fox confirms that "significant talks" are underway for more X-Files


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As a huge fan of The X-Files, I was incredibly excited when it was first announced that Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, and series creator Chris Carter would all be coming back for a new event series consisting of six episodes. Those episodes finally aired earlier this year and although they proved to be a big success for Fox, they left many fans feeling a little unsatisfied, myself included. Don't get me wrong, it was great to see David and Gillian step into those characters again and there were plenty of wonderful moments to be found in those six episodes, but it wasn't exactly the triumphant return which we were hoping it would be.

Despite the mixed critical reception, there's been constant speculation on if the show will return for another batch of episodes; everyone involved seems to be game, but it's just a matter of hammering out the scheduling, which is something Fox is working very hard at putting together. Speaking with the Television Critics Association, Fox Broadcasting Company Entertainment President David Madden once again said that they "would love to do other seasons" and that "there are significant talks with all three principals (Chris Carter, David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson)" underway and that they are "working hard and would like to get a new season soon." Fox Television Group Chairman and CEO Dana Walden added they would like to produce more episodes this time around.

We would have liked to do more in the first place, but there were limitations, Gillian lives in the U.K. David in New York and Los Angeles. The show shoots in Vancouver. So it’s about coordinating a time when they can carve time to be in Vancouver. We’re in conversations where we can do more, I don’t see a full season of episodes, but I’d be happy to get 10 or 8 episodes.

I never expected, or wanted, a full season of episodes, but the six we got didn't quite feel like enough to contain the story, especially as the writers had to reintroduce characters, concepts, and decades of mythology to get audiences caught up; but, with all that out of the way, the next season shouldn't have to deal with that baggage.

The show was off the air for a very long time. It was introduced to new viewers, and (the writers) had the challenge of filling in the mythology. Going forward, there won’t be the same obligation to reset the series.

Barring any unforeseen difficulties, it looks like The X-Files will indeed return before too long. Those of you who watched the latest season, here are a few questions for you to ponder: How many episodes would you like the new season to have, what would you do to improve the series, and are there any past characters who you would like to see brought back?

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