Fox delays Watchmen?

WATCHMEN, Carla Gugino A few days ago, we learned the disturbing ruling in the ongoing legal battle between Warner Bros. and Fox over the rights to the Zack Snyder directed, Alan Moore adapted WATCHMEN, judging that Fox has the right to distribute the film. Though a surprising and frankly, ridiculous ruling, it didn't necessarily mean that the film's released would be delayed considering the purpose of Fox's suit was to squeeze some easy money out of WB's potentially lucrative franchise so delaying the film's release would only prevent the crazy box office cash. However, Fox has decided to be, as the kids say, a little bitch and is actively seeking an order to delay the film's release (which is still at March 6th). At this point, a trial is set for January 20th to attempt to work out the remaining issues but, according to WB's attorney, a settlement is unlikely to be reached. Goddamn it.

Extra Tidbit: Please, Fox, don't make us wait even more for Carla Gugino in the above outfit.
Source: THR



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