Fox searching for a Bryan Singer replacement on X-Men: First Class?

Just a few days ago, I wrote an article all about how Bryan Singer was hot to trot to return to the X-MEN universe. While everything was rather optimistic at the time, it's beginning to sound like this may be more of an uphill batter than either he or Fox realized. Singer is committed to directed JACK THE GIANT KILLER for Warner Bros. and is already deep into pre-production. He likely couldn't leave that film without swift and severe penalty from WB, which means X-MEN: FIRST CLASS might not get before cameras before 2012, which doesn't sit well with Fox.

HitFix is reporting that Fox has quietly approached two unnamed but well-experienced directors to take over for Singer. Now that's not to say that Singer on FIRST CLASS won't happen. He's still Fox's first choice as they realize they need less of a hired gun (i.e., Brett Ratner or Gavin Hood) to shepherd their premiere comic franchise. Besides, they'd love to stick it to Warner Bros. who stole away Singer for SUPERMAN RETURNS while he was negotiating to direct X-MEN 3.

At this point it just remains unclear what's going to go on. It sounds like Singer's heart is in FIRST CLASS but he's conflicted about leaving JACK high and dry. It's possible Fox could pay out any penalty that Singer incurs for breaking his contract but with news that they're looking at new directors, they're also thinking about life without Singer.

Extra Tidbit: Strange that Singer held up that SUPERMAN sign when he just told the LA Times that his "personality meshes more with" the X-MEN universe than it ever did with Supes.
Source: HitFix



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