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Fox, Seyfried kiss


There are two reasons to post this Entertainment Tonight featurette on JENNIFER’S BODY. First and foremost, they actually show the infamous Megan Fox/Amanda Seyfriend kiss that’s only been hinted at in the trailer. Awesome.

Second, there’s some new footage, and for the very first time I actually laughed out loud at one of the Diablo Cody-penned exchanges between the two girls. I won’t spell it out here, but it’s when they’re talking about Fox being Snowflake queen.

I don’t know, as much as I’m rather annoyed by the concept, cast and screenwriter of this movie, I have to say I haven’t given up hope on it. With this footage I got a brief glimpse at a project that might actually be pretty damn funny if done correctly, and I hope I’m proven right when JENNIFER’S BODY hits theaters.

Extra Tidbit: In other news, Megan Fox recently called Michael Bay "Hitler," and said "he's a nightmare to work for." I predict an "accident" on the set of TRANSFORMERS 3.
Source: ET



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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