Fox turning Hitch into a TV series

Well Will Smith may have disappeared from acting recently, but his work lives on. Fox just won a bidding war to make HITCH into an hour-long TV show on their network. Seriously, there was a bidding war to turn HITCH into a TV show.

It's being penned by Pete Chiarelli who wrote the decently enjoyable THE PROPOSAL with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, and the pilot is described as "action-packed." How exactly a guy teaching other guys to get women is action-packed, I'm not sure, but I'll be curious to see it.

But how exactly do you replace Will Smith as the lead here. Yes, I suppose there are a bunch of suave black guys who could get the job done, but Will Smith isn't exactly a personality you can easily replicate. I can see why people think this could be a show, as it would make for an interesting sort of procedural, teaching hapless guys in many situations how to land a woman, but it's really going to need that lead actor to make it work.

Extra Tidbit: I bet Kevin James would do it.
Source: Deadline



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