Fox wants an Avatar sequel (obviously) and says DVD arrives soon

Multibazillionaire media overlord Rupert Murdoch clearly knows what the people want (to pay for). He says that News Corp (the conglomerate that owns Fox and a substantial percentage of everything, everywhere) is in early talks with filmmaker James Cameron about a sequel to AVATAR.

This news comes as a surprise to subhumans who don't understand the concept of money, seeing as how the movie has grossed $2 billion and has topped the box office chart for a couple of months.

As we've heard, Cameron already has some thoughts on where a sequel could go, and "how to branch out into the other moons of Polyphemus [the giant planet that Pandora orbits]."

But would it be creatively satisfying enough for Cameron to return to that section of the universe he fabricated? It's not like he does things for money -- the guy spent the last decade underwater and/or playing with new tech.

Still, Murdoch says that "both sides" want to make another one. And so do the countless patrons who keep going to see the first one over and over.

Those viewers will be able to watch the Na'vi bounding around their living room in the near future... but not in three dimensions. Murdoch says the DVD will arrive before the end of their fiscal year (June 30th), but "it won't be a 3D DVD release as that technology isn't developed enough yet" (although I'm sure they wouldn't say that if Fox manufactured 3D televisions). A 3D version will come out further down the line.

Extra Tidbit: I've heard the original plan was for AVATAR on DVD as early as April, but with the movie still rocketing along in theaters, that could slide a bit.
Source: THR



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