Fox wants Robert Rodriguez to do the Deadpool movie

A movie based on Marvel's notoriously chatty mercenary DEADPOOL was in the works long before the comic character was soiled by X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE. Will Robert Rodriguez be the guy who sets things right?

Fox is obviously hoping so -- they've reportedly made an offer to the Austin-based filmmaker to take the reins on the red-costumed Weapon X lunatic.

The studio must be happy with their relationship with RR so far, after his work on resurrecting the PREDATOR franchise. And while an offer is nothing more than exactly that (Rodriguez already turned one down for the PLANET OF THE APES prequel), perhaps they're hoping he'll at least produce and shepherd the project as he did on PREDATORS. Fox is also releasing RR's MACHETE, to which they won distribution rights after a bidding war.

As far as we know, Ryan Reynolds is still attached to play the B-list A-hole, previously stating that the solo movie would go "back to the roots of the character known for his slapstick tone and propensity to break the fourth wall", meaning it would essentially need to ignore what was as presented in WOLVERINE. ZOMBIELAND writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick wrote the most recent draft.

Extra Tidbit: Personally, I'd rather see Rodriguez tackle another costumed character -- MADMAN, which he's been developing for over a decade.
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