Foxx and Martin team

Say what you will about the respective acting careers of Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence (which have been decidedly hit or miss), their early comedy careers had some hilarious high points. That said, I don't know that anyone is ready to see a feature film based on two of their most well-known comedy characters. Foxx and Martin are planning to team up for the Screen Gems comedy SHENENAH AND WANDA based on a concept by the two actors that Foxx will write.

While both Lawrence and Foxx developed the characters as part of their early stand-up career, they're perhaps best known for their appearances on early-90s Fox TV shows "Martin" and "In Living Color." So why now resurrect two characters from about 15 years ago? Apparently, Lawrence and Foxx filmed a skit for the BET Awards this past summer that brought the characters back to life and it was so well received (??), that it sparked interest in a feature version. Of course the popularity of Tyler Perry dressing in drag for comedic effect probably has an effect as well.

The film is described as a "comic caper" that will spinoff the BET Awards skit and feature the two ghetto fabulous ladies as a pair of bank robbers. Screen Gems is putting the project on the fasttrack meaning you can expect to see the boys in drag sometime in the near future.

Extra Tidbit: While I'll admit the idea of this movie sounds horrible, this old "In Living Color" skit with Foxx and Jim Carrey is pretty funny.
Source: Variety



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