Foxx is a schizoid

DREAMGIRLS didn't get Jamie Foxx any Oscar love so this time he's going with so much Oscar bait voters will HAVE to pay attention. Get this: in the upcoming DreamWorks drama THE SOLOIST, he'll play a musical prodigy (Oscar bait #1) who suffers from schizophrenia (Oscar bait #2), became homeless (#3) and eventually turns his life around with the help of a reporter (#4). Take that Oscar voters! As you might expect, Foxx, who already knows how to play the piano, is currently learning strings with the Los Angeles Philharmonic (he plays his own instruments!). With any luck maybe he'll get a lobotomy to make himself literally go crazy to better become the part. Now that would be dedication to the craft. Joe Wright (PRIDE AND PREJUDICE) will direct the film from a script by Susannah Grant (an Oscar winner!). Filming is expected to begin in January. Foxx can be seen next this fall in the Peter Berg political thriller THE KINGDOM.

Extra Tidbit: How STEALTH was ignored by Oscar voters is beyond me.
Source: Variety



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