Foxx meets Zebra

Undeterred by the impending Strike of Armageddon, A-listers like Jamie Foxx are lining up future projects under the assumption that Hollywood will not crack off the country and sink into the Pacific or be charred to a black husk within the following days.

Foxx has agreed to star in THE ZEBRA MURDERS for DreamWorks, based on the book about racially motivated serial killings in 1970s San Francisco. Foxx will play one of the cops who broke the case, struggled against discrimination within the ranks, and started a minority union before ultimately becoming police chief. That's a long way from the guy who used to dress up like an ugly chick on IN LIVING COLOR...

Brad Pitt's Plan B company is also producing, and the book will be adapted by screenwriter Matt Carnahan (brother of Smokin' Joe), who also worked with Foxx on THE KINGDOM. Foxx is currently angling for another Oscar grab with the drama THE SOLOIST, about the perils of self-gratification, or something.
Extra Tidbit: Foxx was born Eric Marlon Bishop, but changed his name in tribute to comedian Redd Foxx. And Jamie Sommers, the original BIONIC WOMAN. Maybe.
Source: Variety



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