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Francis Lawrence has been chosen to direct Catching Fire


I knew it!

Sorry guys, looks like Alfonso Cuaron will not be the one directing THE HUNGER GAMES sequel, CATCHING FIRE.

Francis Lawrence is the chosen one.

The other day, I shared a shortlist of directors that Lionsgate had in mind for the second installment. After Juan Antonio Bayona had to turn the film down, it was between Lawrence and MONEYBALL director Bennett Miller.

Miller was interested, but wanted to do FOXCATCHER starring Steve Carell first. The studio couldn't deal with that since they want to start production in August. This was the biggest reason that Gary Ross left the flick because he didn't want to rush it. Then all that was left was Lawrence. Not that he was the last pick, but they know he can get it done before Jennifer Lawrence goes off for the sequel to X-MEN: FIRST CLASS.

Is this the right choice?

Source: Deadline



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