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Frankenstein may be the latest subject to receive the found footage treatment


Frankenstein is one of those eternal novels that can be brough back out for a new generation to enjoy. But, unlike vampires, werewolves, or zombies, Frankenstein's monster is a very specific character.

It now looks like Radio Silence, the directing group who made the Sundance favorite V/H/S are preparing to direct THE REAWAKENING from Luke Dawson (SHUTTER). No specific plot was provided except that it is FRANKENSTEIN meets FLATLINERS.

Every once in a while, Hollywood’s pathological fear of innovation collides head-on with its neurotic need for imitation, often resulting in a bizarre, modern-day Frankenstein’s monster of a hybrid. And so it is with today's news. We hear exclusively that Radio Silence, the directing quartet behind this year’s found-footage Sundance horror flick V/H/S — ironically, picked up for distribution on VOD by Magnolia Pictures for a million bucks — is in negotiations with Lionsgate to direct The Reawakening, another found-footage horror script, this one from screenwriter Luke Dawson (Shutter) that’s equal parts Flatliners and Frankenstein.

Frankenstein is the subject of multiple projects right now from Stuart Beattie (I, FRANKENSTEIN), NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH producer Shawn Levy, David Fincher, Guillermo Del Toro, and Neil Burger (LIMITLESS). Combine that with the recent glut of found footage films to do well at the box office (THE DEVIL INSIDE, CHRONICLE, and PROJECT X), we may be on our way to seeing every possible combination of genre with found footage.

I believe this version of Frankenstein said it best:

Source: Vulture



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