Frankenstein returns to save the world

With THE WOLFMAN set to hit theaters next Friday and Universal signing Sam Worthington to star in a new DRACULA film, you knew a FRANKENSTEIN movie couldn't be far off. And far off it isn't.

Lakeshore Entertainment has signed Patrick Tatopoulos (UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS) to direct I, FRANKENSTEIN, a new take on the classic Frankenstein's monster tale. Based on a script by Kevin Grevioux, the story will follow a heroic Frankenstein who is humanity's only hope against an "uprising of supernatural creatures" all while grunting and wearing big clunky boots. FRANKENSTEIN will actually be executive produced by one of our own; IESB's Robert Sanchez brought the film to Lakeshore with Grevioux.

It'll be interesting to see how audiences respond to a new take on FRANKENSTEIN as Universal is looking to go in the opposite direction - back to their roots - for its classic monster movies. Filming on FRANKENSTEIN is set to begin this July and I'm sure they're already looking for their lead actor (hint: Joe Pesci!).

Extra Tidbit: Still haven't seen that Kenneth Branagh FRANKENSTEIN flick...
Source: JoBlo.com



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