Frankenweenie movie?

Is Tim Burton working on a feature length adaptation of his classic animated short "Frankenweenie"? While nothing is confirmed yet there are rumors swirling that Burton and stop-motion master Henry Selick (NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS) will reteam for a feature adaptation of Burton's 1984 Disney short. The rumors got started when Disney chairman Dick Cook was asked about the future of animation at the studio. He, of course, talked about their much bally-hooed PRINCESS AND THE FROG and then let it slip that they're working on a new stop-motion project. Ain't It Cool then got a heads up that said project was Burton and Selick working on FRANKENWEENIE. Even AICN says this is just a rumor at this point but certainly a definite possibility for the project Cook was referring to in his Q&A. Interesting that Disney would want to make a movie out of the film after they initially refused to release the short believing it was too dark for Disney audiences. Burton is currently wrapping up SWEENEY TODD while Selick directs CORALINE based on the Neil Gaiman novel.

Extra Tidbit: "Frankenweenie" was finally officially released by Disney as an extra on the NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS DVD.



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