Franklin does maintenance

Before becoming a trusted and trsutful employee of Joblo.com, a dream of mine was to become a gigolo. Not because I'm a fan of Deuce Bigalow, but because I really like having sex and getting paid, and since my parents would never allow me to enter the porn industry, it'd have been my next best option. Now comes the moment where I segway from personal anecdote about male hooking into news story about movie about male hooking.

Carl Franklin, who last directed the forgettable Denzel Washington thriller OUT OF TIME is set to bring us THE MAINTENANCE MAN, based on the best-selling novel by Michael Baisden. It tells the story of (and here's where the gigolo part comes in) a Julliard student who quits school to become a male escort, when he realizes there's more money in using your instrument than in playing one. Of course, he eventually falls in love, and when you're in love with someone, a double life you shall not lead. For some reason I see Hayden Christensen as the lead. Perfect, I think. You know what? Scratch that. I just found out the lead is of African-American descent, as Billy Dee Williams played him in a direct-to-video adaptation a while back. This movie movie is apparently said to be more urban themed than gigolo movies before it. Hmmm. Can you say Anthony Mackie as the lead?

Extra Tidbit: Isn't the term male gigolo redundant?
Source: Variety



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