Fraser gets Furry

FURRY VENGEANCE is not a movie about a hairy gay man seeking revenge (though that would presume to be an infinitely more entertaining film). Instead it stars Brendan Fraser as a developer whose company is looking to raze a bunch of environmentally sensitive areas. Nevermind that tons of environmental permits would be needed to perform such a task and would never be approved by any state or local government, the woodland critters aren't going to wait for any kind of bureaucracy. They instead attack him and slowly drive him insane (and in the case of skunks, fart on him).

It's hard to believe that Steve Carell was once attached to something so mindless as this. But with the trailer, online below, running before prints of ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS, I can see exactly the audience their chasing. Why am I ranting and raving? Oh probably because it's Christmas Eve and I'm awake writing articles about the FURRY VENGEANCE trailer...

Extra Tidbit: Too bad Fraser didn't run afoul of these type of woodland critters.
Source: JoBlo.com



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