Fraser on GI Joe

At an interview that was supposed to be for JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, MTV's reporter understandably got sidelined and instead asked star Brendan Fraser about his rumored cameo in the upcoming GI JOE movie. He responded like he was playing a cryptic version of Marco Polo, but basically what came out of the whole thing was that a) the cameo exists, b) he won't be wearing a vest/shirt/chest tattoo, and c) I am really hot on MTV's interviewer. I don't know if this chick is famous or what, but she definitely should be. She's cute as hell, and unless I'm missing the joke, her second name is 'White Wolf'. Is she from Narnia? Are her parents warrior druids? None of these facts were confirmed in the interview, but you can bet your ass I intend to find out.

As you've probably heard, Fraser is apparently playing Gung Ho, whose sexy get-up you can check out BELOW.

Extra Tidbit: Gung Ho's real name is Etiene R. LaFitte. Yep.
Source: MTV



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