Freaky Friday sequel

FREAKY MONDAY book cover

I wonder which is more surprising: that it took to 6 years for someone to think of cashing in with a sequel to FREAKY FRIDAY or that it's not even coming from Disney!

CBS Films acquired the rights to FREAKY MONDAY, co-written by the original 1973 novel's author Mary Rodgers with the Lohan-version screenwriter Heather Hatch. That one also wrote the LEGALLY BLONDE musical. Insert sound of thousands of guys slapping their forehead at the thought of a grueling chick-flick date. Let's have a moment of silence for all of them.

The book follows an insecure high school nerdie who "magically" switches bodies with her English teacher. On a Monday. Oh hell, that's worth another solemn moment of silence.

If it won't concern any of the original story's characters, why use that title and not call it simply "Switch"? Oh, right, taken already. Poor Jimmy Smits...

Extra Tidbit: Will Lindsay try to have the story adapted for her? Not like she's the most in-demand actress right now; she could probably use a little revisiting of a role that helped her rise in the first place.
Source: Variety



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