Fred Savage to direct the comedy Ladies Night with Charlize Theron

Two unlikely choices may make LADIES NIGHT work. First up is the selection of Fred Savage as director and the second is Charlize Theron as star in the BRIDESMAID-esque comedy.

Well, maybe the choices aren't so out there. Fred Savage, forever associated with his role on THE WONDER YEARS and his part in THE PRINCESS BRIDE, has made a quiet shift to directing television series such as PARTY DOWN, MODERN FAMILY, and IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA. While The Hollywood Reporter says Savage is still in talks to take the movie, it seems like it will be happening. The subject matter should be an easy move from sitcom to feature directing.

Here's the story:

Theron will star in and produce Ladies Night, which centers on a woman who, when confronted with her longtime boyfriend’s inability to commit, decides to have one last night on the town with her girlfriends before uprooting her life and moving to New York.

Theron did a great job in YOUNG ADULT which bridged her dramatic and comedic skills. I have a feeling she would do well in a comedy like this, especially if it brings out a bit of raunch in her.

Extra Tidbit: Savage's big screen directorial debut was DADDY DAY CAMP. He is very sorry.



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