Fred: The Movie

If you've never seen the immensely popular "Fred" videos on YouTube, first off, I consider you lucky. Second, click here to check these videos out. They have an average of about 3 million views per episode. And that so many people are watching this gives me douche chills. I'll cop to being into some fairly ridiculous shit when I was a kid (including Garbage Pail Kids, the WWF, ERNEST movies and Hi-C's "Ecto Cooler") but nothing reaches the level of sheer stupidity of Fred. So what to do? Make a movie, of course!

Lucas Cruikshank, the 16-year-old Nebraska kid who began the Fred videos at home with his siblings, is now filming a movie based on the character in Los Angeles. The best part? It's from the producer of NORBIT and a writer from "Family Guy" so YEAH... The "plot" revolves around Fred, still hyperactive six-year-old who speaks in an irritatingly squeaky voice, tracking down his crush, a girl named Judy. While a studio has yet to step up to claim responsibility, the plan is to try for a theatrical release and if that doesn't work, some kind of pay-per-view VOD type model. To read more about FRED: THE MOVIE and curse those years you spent at Tisch School of the Arts busting your ass, head over to the New York Times to read their full article from the set.

Extra Tidbit: Why was Ecto Cooler so effin good?
Source: NY Times



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