Freddy vs Jason is on!

I'd hate to be the person to repeat this for the umpteenth time, but it seems as though the long-rumored FREDDY VS JASON project has finally gotten the green light from the suits at New Line Cinema. Sci-Fi Wire spoke to New Line co-chairman Bob Shaye, who confirmed this is fact, and said, "The basic idea is how does Freddy come back after his banishment and how does he use Jason and eventually have to vanquish him, and then how do the children of Elm Street have to get rid of everybody?"

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Shaye went on to say that "One of the two characters is going to try to enlist the other in concert to come back again and maybe not have to leave. That's basically what the storyline is." He also said that the movie wouldn't address events from the latest NIGHTMARE movie, WES CRAVEN'S NEW NIGHTMARE, and that the film would have a sense of humor, "It's funny in a sort of macabre, cynical way, which is what all of the Freddy scripts have been," he said. "It doesn't abuse the fan base or condescend. It's scary, it's wry, and in fact even today one of the writers was alluding to the Renny Harlin's Elm Street [Part 4], where in the waterbed scene, he said, 'How do you like this wet dream?' That's funny, but it's nasty."

Source: Sci-Fi Wire
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