Free comic day!

This Saturday, May 2, is Free Comic Day. What does that mean? Well kinda precisely what it says. It's a day to go to a comic store and get some free comics. Of course, there are some caveats. You can't just roll in to your comic shop and ask for a copy of "Uncanny X-Men #266" for free because you think the first appearance of Gambit is gonna make the value skyrocket. And you can't walk into 7-11 and bring a handful of comics up to the register and expect them to be free. You need to visit a participating comic specialty shop (the official website has a store locator - mine's Cornerstone Comics in Denville, NJ). Then you need to check out a list of available comics. Yes, you have to choose from a list but there's some quality stuff available like "Avengers," "Savage Dragon," "Transformers," and "Wolverine" in addition to some good indie pickups like "FCHS" and "Love and Rockets." And if I've done a terrible job convincing you, Hugh Jackman wants you to support your local comic retailer! And if Hugh says it, you better listen.

Extra Tidbit: This isn't just an American event! It's happening in Canada and in international locations as well...
Source: JoBlo.com



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