Free enterprise reigns in Oscar nominated short Logorama

It can be hard to catch all the Oscar nominated short films before you're hearing their names called by Anne Hathaway at the show, but we've got one of the better ones for you here today. It’s called LOGORAMA, and it accomplishes the rather spectacular feat of cramming over 2,500 corporate logos into one 15 minute film, and the even more spectacular feat of not facing 2,500 lawsuits, as you would think McDonalds would frown upon seeing their clown-in-chief shoot the Michelin Man in the face with an Uzi.

It’s a fun game, trying to count all the logos you see in a given scene, but they fly past so fast and furiously, it’s hard to get to a hundred before giving up. A hostage crisis, a rampaging zoo, and city-wide earthquake; there’s a metaphor in here somewhere, and it’s probably a shade deeper than simple anti-consumerism. Check out parts one and two below.


Extra Tidbit: David Fincher is the voice of Pringles Man.
Source: JoBlo



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