Free Jackass!

The Jackass boys are known for their stunts, so it’s fitting that their next film release will be one. JACKASS 2.5 is bypassing cinemas and video stores and traveling directly to the web, for free. Guzzling horse jizzum is wild, but it's not going to shake up an industry. Starting December 19th, the 64-minute movie will be available through Blockbuster at blockbuster.jackass.com. Chew on that, torrents.

The offer will last two weeks, where the film will then transfer to pay services like iTunes and DVD. The goal here is to have word-of-mouth spread so far, wide and deep that people will be willing to spend dollars to see the maniacal excursions of the Jackasses. The movie will also be the official launch of Jackassworld.com, aka my new online destination for self-manipulation.

The Hollywood Reporter is referring to this film as a potential “milestone” in film distribution, as studios are surrendering to the power of the web and finally acknowledging it as a significant distribution outlet. THR also made an excellent point about why JACKASS 2.5 is the ideal film to test this method out: “It makes sense to test the waters with "Jackass" for a number of reasons. First, production costs were minimal because most of the film is footage that was shot for "Jackass Number Two." In addition, its merry band of masochistic pranksters are something of a precursor to the often rough-edged user-generated content that predominates online.” Man, they write good. What does everyone think about this? Will you pay for JACKASS 2.5 if it’s available for free first?

Extra Tidbit: The first Jackasses averaged about $80 million in grosses and cost a total of $16 million to make.



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