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Free movies on YouTube


Tired of watching clinically insane people do stupid things on YouTube? Horrified that this is the future of our society? Well Sony Pictures is helping diversify the content on YouTube. According to Bloomberg (the website not the mayor), Sony is in talks with Google to post full-length movies on YouTube.

The movies would reportedly be available for free and similar to the movies that Sony hosts on its own website Crackle.com, where GROUNDHOG DAY, GHOSTBUSTERS and STRIPES are among the films available (is it a coincidence that Sony is giving away Bill Murray films for free?). Is it no wonder there are rumors about Blockbuster going bankrupt? Sony would be the first studio to allow feature length content to be posted on YouTube though a number of other studios have streaming movies on Hulu.com.

So whether it be YouTube, Hulu or Crackle, would you stream a movie online? Does anyone here use technology like Boxee to watch streaming content on your TV?

Source: Bloomberg



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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