Freeman as Mandela

In one of the biggest no-brainer castings in recent memory, Morgan Freeman has signed on to play Nelson Mandela in THE HUMAN FACTOR for director Clint Eastwood. Matt Damon is in talks to co-star with Freeman as a star rugby player. Rugby and Mandela? Actually, yeah. The film is based on the John Carlin book of the same name (subtitled "Nelson Mendela and the Game that Changed the World") about how, after his release from prison, Mandela landed the 1995 Rugby World Cup in South Africa. The games helped heal post-apartheid relations since the country was banned from participating since the early-80s. HUMAN would be the third time Freeman and Eastwood have teamed up after UNFORGIVEN and MILLION DOLLAR BABY. Warner Bros. will finance the film and continue its relationship with Eastwood that has spanned numerous movies. Eastwood first has to direct THE CHANGELING with Angelina Jolie so it's unclear when HUMAN would begin filming. Freeman can be seen next this Christmas in THE BUCKET LIST with Jack Nicholson while Damon is rumored to be starring in Gus Van Sant's Harvey Milk biopic alongside Sean Penn.

Extra Tidbit: Eastwood is composing the score for the upcoming John Cusack film GRACE IS GONE.
Source: Variety



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