Freeman recruits Banderas

Morgan Freeman is the new Jude Law. According to imdb.com, he's got 6 movies in various states of production not to mention the just-released FEAST OF LOVE. And here comes another one. The Oscar-winning star is set to star in yet another heist flick (how many of these can they make?) called THE CODE, with Antonio Banderas.

Freeman, who is making a living playing fatherly mentor types, does it again for CODE, playing an old burglar who recruits a younger one (Banderas) to help him pull off one last job in order to repay a debt to the Russian mob, and judging by what I saw in EASTERN PROMISES, you don't want to f*ck with those dudes. I wonder if Freeman will be training Banderas' character, teaching him the tricks of the trade and what not like THE MASK OF ZORRO, or if it will be more of a buddy film, like oh, I don't know, TAXI DRIVER. People were buddies in that, right?

Freeman is reuniting with his DEEP IMPACT director Mimi Leder for this one, and he can soon be seen in THE BUCKET LIST, with Jack Nicholson, THE DARK KNIGHT, with Maggie Gyllenhaal, THE HUMAN FACTOR as Nelson Mandela, and potentially the long-in-gestation sci-fi pic RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA.

Extra Tidbit: RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA has long been rumoured as a potential David Fincher film.
Source: Variety



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