Freeman to Rendezvous?

Morgan Freeman has been trying to get an adaptation of RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA - by acclaimed science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke (2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY) - made with director Dave Fincher (FIGHT CLUB), for ages now. And I'd love to see this thing made, the story sounds brilliant and The Finch is one of the best directors working today.

The plot: A thirty-mile-long alien spaceship with mysterious origins is set adrift in our Solar System by an unknown intelligence.

And Freeman's words: "I play the captain of the spaceship Endeavor that is charged with rendezvousing with this thing from outer space to find out what it is [and] what its intentions are,”

I don't think that anyone would not want this to happen. Everybody loves Morgan Freeman, right? Well... everybody that didn't see EVAN ALMIGHTY anyway.
Extra Tidbit: Freeman has a very impressive set of movies set to be released: GONE BABY GONE, THE BUCKET LIST, WANTED and THE DARK KNIGHT all look like they're gonna be bananas.
Source: MTV



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