Friday 13th remake?

It looks as though everyone's favorite hockey masked psycho may be coming back from the dead. For a long time there have been rumors of a remake or "re-imagining" of that unlucky day for Crystal Lake counselors, but for awhile it seems the project had been stalled. Not so, according to the producing partners over at Platinum Dunes, as Andrew Form and Brad Fuller gave word at the press conference for their latest "re-working" of THE HITCHER which I attended. When asked about the project, Form gave us this little bit of info, "Well, we're working on a script right now. Not in the first two quarters for that movie; maybe at the end of next year. But right now we're just working on a screenplay." When asked about possible directors, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING, Jonathan Liebesman's name came up.

"It all depends on his schedule. He's got a lot of things rolling around right now, so if he's available and we have a script… We'd love to work with him again; we had a great experience with him." So it seems that Jason and his crew of teenage fodder may be coming back to a theatre near you sooner than you can say we thought. (You will be able to read the full interview very soon, so keep an eye out). This may excite some and infuriate others but what can I say… I have a mad love for all things Jason and I wouldn't mind going back to camp. I love these films, even the bad ones so I'm kind of groovin' on the idea. What do you think about it? Looking forward to it or are you ready to slaughter at the thought of another remake?

Source: JoBlo.com



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