Friday sequel details

Earlier this month we brought you the news that a sequel to FRIDAY THE 13TH was already in the works at Michael Bay's production company. Today our news is confirmed with a report in The Hollywood Reporter that offers up some new details on the sequel. They report that writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift will return to work on the script but that director Marcus Nispel likely won't return. Also interesting is that while FRIDAY THE 13TH built on the legacy of the original franchise to reinvent the character, the sequel will likely abandon the original franchise arc all together and come up with its own developments. The reason is obvious: FRIDAY THE 13TH used parts of the first four original movies and the FRIDAY movies after the fourth installment have Jason turning into a worm, going to hell and killing beatboxers in Manhattan. Michael Bay and crew are obviously looking for something a little more grounded for their machete wielding retard. What kind of wacky misadventures do you hope Jason Voorhess to get himself into next time around? Do you care if any of the original cast (other than Jason Mears) return?

Extra Tidbit: Here's a good plot I just came up with. A bunch of drunk and horny kids show up at Crystal Lake. Jason kills all of them. The end.
Source: THR



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