Friday the 13th again

Jason Voorhees is back... and he's pissed! One can probably assume, anyway. Seems to be in his nature.

Platinum Dunes had considered digging the FRIDAY THE 13th franchise out of the grave for a reboot/remake/re-launch of everyone’s favorite sex-hating mass murderer, but the project staggered like a teen running from a relentless psycho. But now Michael Bay's production company is sharpening the blades and polishing the hockey mask again, in the hopes of getting the popular mangler hacking again before the strike (talent, not machete).

Shock Till You Drop says new writers have been brought on to scratch out yet another entry in the undying stalker's series. FREDDY vs. JASON scribes Damian Shannon and Mark Swift will reportedly provide the latest mayhem, which will probably be a new and needless take on the slaughter machine's origins, since Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN made a killing.

A previous draft by Mark Wheaton (THE MESSENGERS) has seemingly been discarded. Director Jonathan Liebesman (THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING) was once attached to helm the carnage.
Extra Tidbit: Jason's unofficial body count over the course of the films is somewhere around 150. A good start!



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