From Paris trailer

FROM PARIS final poster

A new trailer for action thriller FROM PARIS WITH LOVE made its way onto the net, though the provenance is a bit unclear; there's no official "red band" classification or anything but I'm pretty sure the word motherf*cker has not yet been cleared by the MPAA as "ok"...

I can't say I've been following up much on that film but it's produced by Luc Besson who's been a competent pusher for action junkies these last few years, and director Pierre Morel did an impressive job of turning Liam Neeson into a one-man army in TAKEN.

The film, which from the looks of it could be called "The Bourne's Training Day", features Jonathan Rhys Myers  as a rookie operative in way over his head when paired up with vet John Travolta while trying to stop a terrorist plot in Paris. Comes out in theaters February 5th as a perfect antidote to whatever rom-com us guys will be taking our lovely dates to a few days later. Thank you Mr. Morel.

Extra Tidbit: Travolta actually looks good in this. How many comebacks has this guy made now?
Source: Collider



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