From zombies to vamps

Not long after HIGHLANDER II: THE QUICKENING, director Russell Mulcahy spent quite a bit of time in the purgatory of cable and video material for his crime. But with the box office success of RESIDENT EVIL EXTINCTION, he's bringing more beasts to theaters.

Mulcahy will direct the turgidly titled ZEN IN THE ART OF SLAYING VAMPIRES, based on the novel by Steven-Elliot Altman. The story follows a New Yorker who wakes up in an alley with a dead girlfriend and a serious case of vampirism. He uses meditation to resist his thirsty urges, and gets recruited by an underground society to wage war with the undead.

Altman has also dabbled in videogame development and comics, including a graphic novel based on the classic game JOUST, which in turn is in development as a feature film (...). Meanwhile, Mulcahy hasn't quite worked out his straight-to-vid proclivities -- he's also attached to the DVD sequel to THE SCORPION KING.
Extra Tidbit: If Milla Jovovich isn't around, don't worry about the zombies -- President Bush has a plan for them.
Source: Variety



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