Fry confirms Busters

DamBusters original 1955 poster

Nope, not about Ghostbusters - although it WOULD be quite interesting to see Peter Jackson and Stephen Fry involved on that one...

It's been about 3 years since we first heard of Peter Jackson putting his now-watched weight as producer behind a remake of the 1955 WWII flick THE DAMBSUTERS, and about 2 years since we learned the multi-talented and technologically savvy Stephen Fry would provide the screenplay. But since both guys are just about the busiest in the business, it feels like that one might be on the permanent back-burner.

BUT according to an AICN informant, Fry himself recently appeared at a charity event where he confirmed during a Q&A that the film is indeed currently in pre-production, with vintage-looking Lancaster bombers already built and eager to toast them some Nazis. Business is a-booming indeed.

The original Michael Anderson film told of the real-life operation that aimed to destroy Nazi Germany's industrial base by bombing the country's reservoirs to cause massive floods. Still no production date is known, but the original report had a 2010 release intent.

Extra Tidbit: Are we EVER going to see Stephen Fry go up against Greg House? The show's already in its 6th season, so now would be the time!
Source: AICN



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