Fry writes Dambusters

Stephen Fry Thoroughly under-appreciated British actor/writer and sometimes director Stephen Fry has been tasked with writing the upcoming drama DAMBUSTERS, the Peter Jackson-produced remake of 1955 film of the same, albeit dissimilarly spaced, name, which was itself based on the book by Paul Brickhill. Fry was awarded the job by The Disheveled Bearded One after he saw Fry host the BAFTAs, the British Academy Awards. Jackson recently related to OnFilm Magazine: "Christian [Rivers, the film's director] and I felt it needed to be an English writer and somebody who understood the atmosphere of Britain at war…I said it needed to be somebody with Stephen Fry's sense of humour…I sat through many three-hour award shows during The Lord of the Rings years and always looked forward to the Baftas, solely for Stephen's hosting. He kept you laughing." The film, which centers on Britain's development of bouncing bombs to destroy German dams during World War II, is currently slated for release next year.

Extra Tidbit: Prior to Jackson, Mel Gibson held the remake rights to the film and had at one point intended to direct and possibly act in it.
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