Fun Batman Rumor Time: Tom Hardy as Hugo Strange?

Batman casting rumors are fun.

This rumor concerns who Tom Hardy might be playing in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Last time we thought it might be Clayface. Now another familiar name is being brought up--Hugo Strange.

Batman-News offered this: "I’ve heard that Tom Hardy is in fact going to play the villain. My source strongly believes that Hardy is going to be playing Hugo Strange. This is the first bit of information from this person that I’m publishing, however they have been accurate in the past. For example, this person told me weeks before the recent Christoper Nolan interview that The Riddler would not be appearing in the film. They also mentioned that Rachel Weisz and Anne Hathaway were in the running for the lead female role a couple of weeks before Deadline posted their list. Given their track record so far, I wanted to post this Hardy news that I received via email. Again, this should just be taken as rumor."

I know many of you had suggested Strange as the potential male villain. We know that there will be a female villian, but aren't sure yet who exactly that will be.

But who is Hugo Strange? "an insane psychologist and chemical genius who knows Batman's secret identity and lusts to take the identity for himself. Just as The Batman was familiar with him, Strange knew of his adversary long before they met. Cursing an underling for not killing him when he had the chance, Strange declared that "The Batman is the only man with the imagination to sense the exact nature of our plans." Strange had first gained fame in the world of psychology when he claimed to have fully analyzed the Dark Knight from afar. Strange would lend credence to his own claims by learning of Batman's true identity of Bruce Wayne. However, his hatred of Batman turned into more and more of a deranged obsession, using his medical expertise to hatch a series of bizarre plots based around genetics and mind control in order to defeat Batman and possibly take his place."

Who would you rather have: Clayface or Hugo Strange?

Extra Tidbit: Strange's first appearance was in Detective Comics #36.



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