Fun Knocked Up clips

It's been a loooong time since I've heard so much positive buzz about a film so long before its release, but KNOCKED UP has been generating extremely positive reviews for months now (including our very own review HERE and Rotten Tomatoes HERE), and now that it's only a few days before its release (opens this Friday, June 1st), the anticipation has reached a crescendo (I always wanted to use that word in a story). Anyway, unless something goes terribly awry, it appears as though Universal has yet another massive Apatow comedic hit on their hands, and if this DELETED SCENE has anything to say about it, it sure looks like a winner to me. You can also check out about 8 clips from the film right HERE. We'll be running some interviews with the cast and crew this coming week, so stay tuned for all that. Rogen rocks.

Extra Tidbit: What happened to Katherine Heigl's massive boobies from BRIDE OF CHUCKY? I mean...seriously!! She's a stick nowadays...so sad.
Source: Yahoo Movies



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