Funeral remake trailer

Whoa. What the hell? I just had to hit the delete key and rewrite this entire article after I realized that this movie, DEATH AT A FUNERAL, is an African-American-ized remake of a 2007 film by Frank Oz, one that even shares a primary cast member in the form of Peter Dinklage, playing the same role in both films. The original movie was a black comedy, in terms of humor, but now literally, it’s been turned into a black comedy in terms of cast as well.

What the...? Why the…? Am I missing something here? I know we’re all about remakes these days, but this is like reshooting IN BRUGES two years later with Dave Chappelle and Forest Whitaker, but keeping Ralph Fiennes as the bad guy. Why would you do it? It’s not even in another language! Maybe this version will retain the wit and cleverness of the original, but I’m still just mostly confused about this whole scenario more than anything else.

Watch the trailer below or go to Yahoo! for HD.

Extra Tidbit: Here’s the trailer for the original film in case you were curious. Can you think of any other times someone has played the same role twice in the original and remake of a movie?
Source: Yahoo!



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