Gallo in Giallo

If I were to make a list of the 100 people I’d rather be then myself, Vincent Gallo would place somewhere in the mid-40s, right in between Barack Obama and Abigal Breslin. Gallo is a hero to many, a true renaissance man who’s made a mark in acting, directing, screenwriting and music. He’s made a name for himself in a world that would shit on me if I tried to get in—the New York art scene—and for that I respect.

Now comes word that Gallo has signed on for a role in Italian horror master Dario Argento’s next film, to be called GIALLO, which is the name for an Italian genre of pulp fiction. Gallo will play a demented killer who has an appetite for real classy girls. Also, my Liotta-sense is tingling, which means Ray is rumoured to be involved with this project as well, as a lonely cop on the trail of the killer. Dario’s daughter, the ferocious Asia Argento is also in talks to climb aboard her father’s terror train. If people see this as Gallo’s shot at the big-time, remember that Dario Argento is a horror legend, but a cult one, and his films play well in cracked art houses, not neon multiplexes. So not to worry, Vincent’s rep is safe and he’s not selling out like Blink 182 did way back when. The film is set to start shooting next month in Italy.

Extra Tidbit: Gallo once said that "the only real Italians are from Buffalo," his home town.
Source: Variety



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