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The duo behind that non-stop adrenaline fest, CRANK, Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine are following up with GAME, starring Gerard Butler (300). Pedro (is Pedro cool?) over at /Film managed to get together with the beautiful Alison Lohman to talk about her involvement in the film, shedding a little light on the plot; "I get to ride a motorcycle. It’s like Sin City, it’s set in the future. It’s a sci-fi thriller about convicts who become the players in a video game, and the players are the ones who control them. And if they win 30 games, they are exonerated, and get out free. The prison system is overloaded so they have to find a way to fund it. This is set in the future and the healthcare system is collapsing, so they have to find another way… " Apparently, Butler is a badass and has made it all the way to his 28th game, eagerly looking forward to seeing his family again. Lohman then talked a little about the character she's to play; “I play this revolutionary chick. She’s a vigilante, part of this underground group that is trying desperately to save the world from debaucherous. She’s an idealist. I help [Gerry], but he doesn’t know what is going on and I inform him that he’s in prison in the video game." Sounds cool by me. Except for the part where she's trying to save the world from the debaucherous. What's wrong with a little on-screen debauchery?
Extra Tidbit: When Lohman played Nic Cage's 14 year old daughter in MATCHSTICK MEN, she was 23.
Source: /Film



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