Gangster trailer!

I'd love to be able to give you some fancy, schmancy hi-def screencaps from the new AMERICAN GANGSTER trailer (as we often like to do), but I couldn't get the dang HD version working on my machine. So I won't stall any longer - I'll just pass along word of the new GANGSTER trailer so you can go check out its coolness. The plot of the film feels like something you've seen before (shades of SCARFACE) but it's the dynamite acting by Denzel Washington and the slick Ridley Scott direction that adds an aura of badass to the trailer. I don't mean to hate on Russell Crowe (cause I do think he's a monster in the right kind of role) but I'm not feeling his flow here. I'm almost wishing I could see what Benicio Del Toro (who was originally cast) would've done with it. Anyway, you can watch the trailer here and hopefully you can get the HD version working on your machine. GANGSTER hits theaters this November.

Extra Tidbit: The GANGSTER trailer can be seen in theaters this weekend with copies of OCEAN'S THIRTEEN.
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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