Garrett Hedlund will go On the Road for director Walter Salles?

I love director Walter Salles. In particular, I love his 2004 film THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES, an adaptation of the book by Che Guevara which gave a glimpse of a young Guevara and the Latin America he witnessed that slowly moved him to become the controversial freedom fighter we've all come to know (or at least see on t-shirts).

Salles, it seems, will be doing another adaptation of another road film with the appropriately titled ON THE ROAD, based on the 1957 book by American writer Jack Kerouac. And according to Production Weekly, TRON: LEGACY star Garrett Hedlund is in talks to star as lead "Dean Moriarty".

According to Amazon.com, Kerouac's book is described as "formless" and covers "a series of frenetic trips back and forth across the United States by a number of penniless young people who are in love with life, beauty, jazz, sex, drugs, speed, and mysticism." The book is known as being one of the first novels associated with the Beat movement of the 1950s, heavily influencing people such as Bob Dylan and Hunter S. Thompson.

ON THE ROAD is currently set to begin production this summer.
Extra Tidbit: ON THE ROAD was once on track to be made by Gus Van Sant and later Francis Ford Coppola. Coppola and his American Zoetrope production company eventually decided on having director Walter Salles tackle the project after seeing THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES.



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