Gaspar Noe to shoot "joyful" sex in 3-D?

"Joyful" is probably not the first word that comes to mind when you think of director Gaspar Noe, or more accurately, his depiction of sex in film (IRREVERSIBLE). But in speaking with Screen Daily, Noe says that's exactly what he's going to do.

"I never saw a movie that mixed both real emotions and explicit sex," Noe explained. "In life, [sex] is the focus of most people. They are not obsessed with money or social recognition. They are obsessed with sex. Why do we never see it portrayed for the joy it brings." Noe, on the as yet untitled film, says it will be a "a joyful porn movie - a joyful movie with explicit sex."

And should that prospect not be enough for you, website Hollywood Wiretap claims that Noe's "pornographic melodrama" will be shot in 3-D. *golf clap*

I got the biggest kick from this, though: The film, which the director is pitching as "a small family movie," will be shot simply and with a small crew. Formally, Noe says, it will be the antithesis of the highly complex, effects-driven, Tokyo-shot Enter The Void. "Working in Japan with 60 people in the crew was a lot of fun but once you’ve had had a big, big party, you want to have a calm Sunday. I would say my erotic movie is going to be my Sunday."
Extra Tidbit: In case you're wondering, the chick pictured above is pornstar Shyla Stylez.



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